Блок страйк картинки

Блок страйк картинки

Block Strike

Block Strike was released on December 4, 2015. When it was launched, Block Strike had a lot less content. There were fewer weapons available, the game only had several game modes and maps weren’t detailed at all: no barrels, doors, lighting, particle effects, etc. As time progressed, developers released numerous major and minor updates, that greatly improved gameplay: more than 15 different game modes, maps for each and every one of them, more weapons, skins and, eventually, stickers. By the time when the 3rd edition of the game was released (v.3.0.0 +), Block Strike became increasingly popular worldwide.

Rexet Studio takes players’ feedback into consideration by fixing bugs and glitches that were found by the community as soon as possible, adding community-made skins and stickers into the game, as well as adding new game modes, implementing new features, etc.

Nowadays, Block Strike is a game that is played all over the world, despite the fact, that originally it was targeted towards the Russian audience. Hundreds of players from Europe, USA, Brazil and other countries engage in battles daily.


Block Strike is a first person shooter where you are always competing against enemy players. The objective may vary from game mode to game mode (see a page dedicated specifically to them to find out more). In most game modes, there will be two teams: Red and Blue. Oftentimes, one team has to eliminate the other (whether it’s by getting 100 kills, successfully planting/defusing a bomb and and/or killing the opposing team, etc). When the game mode’s objective is completed, the next map will be played (see the maps list for more information).

In most gamemodes, players will use weapons, which can be bought in the Weapon Shop for BS Silver and BS Gold, however, they will have a UMP-45, a Glock and a Knife in their inventory by default. In some gamemodes, players will be automatically given a weapon (on Gun Game, Hunter, Random, Hunger Games and Only) without needing to buy one. There are also game modes with non-killing objectives, like Surf, Bunny Hop and several Minigames: 50Traps, Football and BlockParty. Overall, gameplay in Block Strike is very diverse and each player can find an exciting and interesting game mode to play

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